Cooking, cooking...and then more cooking

Since I have to work tomorrow (and mostly because I'm a homebody), I decided to stay in tonight and prep food for the next few days. I've been at work for about 3 hours now. I'm not done. I'm done for the night. Here is what I made:

Breakfast burger sandwiches - comprised of 2 turkey patty "buns", bacon, spinach, mashed avocado & a tomato slice.  They look pretty good. But they are pretty giant. I'm willing to bet they will be incredibly messy and not a good car food. 

Paleo chili - a recipe from crossfitchicago.com.  It's chili with bacon, beef, peppers, onions, and fire roasted tomatoes.  It has good heat and the flavor is tasty. But I like beans in my chili. Beans are not paleo. But if this chili had beans in it, it would be the bomb-diggity.

Egg Stuffed Tomato - It's basically egg salad put into a hollowed out tomato. Simple but it looks pretty. 

That is as far as I got. I still need to make:

Sweet Garlic Shrimp (served over spinach)
Fish & Chips & Mushy Peas (A British classic supposedly. I think mushy peas sound really good!!)
Chorizo & Beef Burgers (also served with spinach)


Heto said...

How did your recipes turn out?

K said...

Delicious. I loved the shrimp! The burgers reminded me of meatloaf. The egg stuffed tomato was good - different but good. Reminded me of summertime.

K said...

Oh and the breakfast burger sandwiches were messy. Very messy. The fact that I dropped one on the floor (Wrapped in saran wrap, at least) didn't help it to stay put neatly in burger form.