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Let's see if that works. I'm so bad at posting links/videos. But anyways on to the point of this post...

I don't know how many of you know this about me but I'm in a cult. This cult is sickening. It takes over your mind and, more importantly, your mouth. It's easy to allow it to consume your life. "What is this horrible thing you speak of" is I'm sure what you're thinking right now. It's...crossfit.
For those of you that don't know, crossfit is workouts that are constantly varied, functional movements executed at high intensity and scalable to your fitness level. Constantly varied means every day you’ll tackle a new or different workout. Functional movements are the normal movements your body goes through in life like running, lifting, squatting, shoving and pulling. We want to help you find your intensity while making sure the workouts you are doing are manageable based on your individual capabilities. Blah blah....what in the world does that mean, you might be asking? It's workouts that prepare you for real life. Now I'm pretty sure the only time in real life I'd need to do the above movement (handstand pushups) is....well...when would I need to do that? Maybe if I fell in a hole and was stuck upside down and needed to take some weight off my neck? Ok so maybe handstand pushups aren't the best example. Let's move on to squatting. I need to be able to properly squat to lift things or to help move things or if a zombie were attacking, a squat is a good starting tackle position. I'm fairly certain that crossfit prepares you for 2 things in life: zombie attacks and burning buildings.
I've been doing this for a little over a year at this point. When I started, I'd never lifted a barbell. And pullups? Why would I do those? Unless there is a piece of cake on a shelf and I couldn't find a chair to climb on to reach it...I think you get the point. I've seen some really big gains over the past year and each and every one is exciting. I'm nowhere near the really awesome people who do this. But my gains are big for me! I can actually lift over 100 pounds in a couple different ways! I never thought I'd be strong enough to do that. The above video (if it works) shows me doing my first workout with handstand pushups to 1 mat. I'm actually pretty good at those. I like gymnastic based movements. Tonight, I did my first kipping pull-up. I'm a little out of progression here. I should have a deadhang pullup first (kipping: uses momentum to get chin over bar. deadhang: starting from a hanging position) and I've been working on those, but we were working on kipping pull-ups in class so I thought I'd try it...AND IT HAPPENED! I did like 4 of them as I had to then run and show different people.
I like doing crossfit. It's the first fitness thing (aside from cheerleading) that I've ever really been able to stick with long term. I like noticing my new muscles, which is a little vain...but I've never really had muscles before! So if you see me rubbing on my arm...I'm probably just feeling my tiny little forming bicep!

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