I Owe You

I owe you a long post. Yesterday's post was pretty bad. I can elaborate. I was on my way to a friend's house for game night. I had pretty much no free time between working, a quick nap and getting ready. So I blogged from my phone in the cab ride down there. It was a fun night.

I had planned to give you a little more today...except I just got asked on a date. I think it's a date. I'm so bad at knowing people's intentions. He said "Do you want to get a drink sometime?" That sounds like a date, right? He asked if I was free tonight...and I am. Plus I'm bored with being in my house. So I'll jump at the chance to get out. So I'm off to a gin bar. And that means you get another short post. My apologies. If this goes horribly, I'll brainstorm ideas for a better post during the (?) date.

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Heto said...

A gin bar! Sounds exciting! But what did you drink. G&Ts are only summer drinks, according to you.