Winter Has Arrived

Winter is here. How do I know that? The trees have been stripped of their leaves. There is a chill in the air that never goes away. Winter jackets are appearing everywhere. Fur-lined hoods are being seen. It takes people 5 minutes to disrobe upon entering a building. Snowflakes have drifted about. The radiators have been clanging. (Seriously. It sounds like someone is banging on my radiator with a metal spoon. All. Winter. Long.) The barren trees are now flaunting holiday lights. Christmas displays are in the windows. (Let's be realistic though - they started appearing at least two months ago).  Thanksgiving shows are in abundance on television. My stomach is excited about stuffing and egg custard. My heart is aflutter at the thought of seeing my puppy girl. But the thing that most tells me it's winter? This finally has been broken out: