What A Day!

When I started this blog, it felt like all these unrealistic things were happening to me. Like I'd tell a story and people would stop me midway thru the story and say "What, are you for real?" And I'd be like "Yes, seriously. These are for real things. I'm not making up any part of this story." It gave my life a surreal feel. Well, since I moved to the city and got more adapted to big city life, it felt like these things stopped happening. Maybe I just didn't notice them or maybe they weren't happening. Either way, my life quickly lost it's surreality (Is that a word?).
Today - all of that changed!
1. I woke up (easily) at 4:45. Now, I know you're thinking, whatever. You could do that every day if you wanted. And yes, perhaps I could. But me getting out of bed at that time is kind of a big deal. And for me to be happy at that time? Unheard of. It happened today. I got to the gym, had time to sit and warm up to the idea of being awake before I had to interact with anyone. I got to enjoy the silence of the morning. And it was nice.
2. I went to meet with the director of a movie. This actually might deserve it's own post but I'll come back to how I thought this was a hoax. Long story short, a friend of mine works in the movie industry and she put something on facebook about looking for someone that could contort or dislocate their shoulders. I replied and said I could, sent her a video and a couple pictures and she set me up to meet with the director. I could be a stunt person! I met with the director today and I don't think anything is going to pan out. But, still! She wants someone that can just pop their shoulder out and let it hang by their side. I can't do that. But I was on a movie set! (It seems like a pretty crappy horror movie - it's called Anguish. Look for it in the future and know that could possibly maybe be my shoulders!)
3. THE STEVE HARVEY SHOW CALLED ME! They were inviting me to be a guest on their show along with 4 of my friends. I was going to meet the man of my dreams that my friends picked out for me. I'm sure Steve Harvey would have helped. His input would have been the special touch. However, my work said that I could not have the day off to go for filming. So I will not be meeting the man of my dreams. Not with Steve Harvey's help at least. Maybe we'll find each other on our own....but with my track record, I'm not betting on it.

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julia said...

Work wouldn't let you off to go be on the Steve Harvey show?? Do they not know who he is? Do they not watch that awesomeness? I am appalled and angry on your behalf!!