Is it a deal breaker that the guy doesn't know what chamomile is? What about the fact that he pronounced it shamomile? Ok maybe I'm being a little picky....but what about chevre? Doesn't everyone know what chevre is? I bet Steve Harvey would make sure a guy could pronounce such common words as chamomile and chevre.

I feel like I owe you something more. I've had short posts for you the last few days. So, for my good friend, I will post this: I think my friend is one of the most awesome people ever. He can make me laugh or at the very least smile even in my darkest times. When I need advice, I can hear his voice in my head "You know I've believed in you for years babe." He is always on my side, even when I'm wrong. He'll tell me I'm wrong. But he's still on my side.
If I could clone him and make one of him for me - I'd do it in a heartbeat. But that would be weird. I can't clone him.
So, friend, there you go. That's what I think of you. I miss living near you and wish I could hang out with you every single day.

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Sherbet and Sparkles said...

Deal breakers.
If you ended up dating him you may find that he eats with his mouth open normally or something.