Why Me?

I'm going to throw a quick pity party. You're all invited. Keep reading if you want to come. Stop reading if you don't want to make an appearance.

What is it about me that make people think it's ok to cancel on me last minute? I'm a nice person. I don't think I do this to people. But it gets done to me on a regular basis. I invite "friends" out to dinner and they say they'll come...and then about an hour or so beforehand, "Oh hey, something came up. I can't make it." I get that things come up. I'm an understanding person. But why is it that every time someone is going to hang out with me...something comes up? How does that happen every single time? At what point do I stop trying to hang out with those same people? It's mean. And it hurts my feelings.

If this were one person, I'd think it was just them. But it's multiple people. Which makes me think it has to be something about me. Is it ok to run over me? Do my feelings not matter? Do they think I don't have feelings? It's not everyone that I know that does it. I have a couple friends who rarely cancel on me. I try to focus on them and hang out with them more and the cancelers less...but they aren't always around or available. Which has me making plans with the cancelers and then hanging out by myself.

Ok, pity party over. I'll find something more upbeat to talk about tomorrow.

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