A Good Night

Yikes. I don't know what has been up with my brain the past 2 days! I forgot my purse at work yesterday. I forgot my keys in the house today. I don't know where my brain has been but not in my head.
Tonight didn't go exactly as planned but it was still a good night. The plan was: gym, cook dinner/lunch/breakfast for the next few days, relax, watch tv. Since my keys were sitting in my house, that didn't quite work out. I did make it to the gym. That's about where the plans ended.
The gym was good - I bench pressed about 80% of my max bench for 2 rounds of 9 & 10 reps respectively.  If you're like..."huh?", that means the most I've ever bench pressed is 80 pounds and to do the exact same lift at 80% for multiple reps means I could probably lift more than 80 pounds  for only 1 rep. I also did some deadhang pullups (starting from a hanging position and not using momentum) at a lighter band that what I'd normally use. Which is good. I need to get some good pullup action going on.
This is where the plan strayed. Instead of coming home and cooking (since I couldn't get in my house), I went to dinner with the maybe-dumb guy. He was heading in almost the same direction as I was, so I tagged along. I didn't want to wander the city by myself looking for a bus. He offered to grab a drink with me if I needed to waste some time. I suggested dinner instead since we had just worked out & both needed to eat. We ended up at a mexican restaurant. I know, I know. Mexican! I love mexican! But! Just you wait. I didn't eat a single chip! I got fajitas with no tortillas, no rice & beans. It was meat & veggies with a side of sour cream & guacamole. I did have a margarita. But only 1. And it was the smallest size available. They ended up bringing complimentary shots of tequila at the end. I think the waiter felt bad that I didn't get any food with my meal. But I really enjoyed the company. I didn't get the impression that the guy was dumb this time around. I liked talking to him. I kinda want to hang out with him more. Maybe this is the tequila talking though?
Anyways, we parted ways, I made it home and the property manager was nice enough to let me in the house. It turned out to be a good night, just in unexpected ways.

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