So as many of you may or may not have been able to pick up on, these past 3 months have been just slightly on the stressful side. I've learned that I can handle a lot more than I thought. I've made some new friends and gotten closer to some old friends. Then there is the rest....the rest of you all, I'm not so happy with. Most of the people I'm not happy with don't read my blog but you all can pass the word along. Why is it that if I don't make a phone call, I don't hear from you? Why is it that you are so wrapped up in your own life that for 3 months, I hear from you one time!? Why didn't you shoot me an email saying "hey....are you ok? I haven't heard from you in 3 months?" So I'm not happy that you can be there for the good times. I like friends there for the good times, but sometimes I like friends to support me when things aren't so great. Why haven't you called to say "Hey, how did boards go?" It doesn't even take a phone call. You can send an email. You can IM me. You can show up at my house. You could send me a card. But nope...just seems too much for you to handle.

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Emily/Randomability said...

It doesn't seem to get any better with age. The friends that I was BFF in High School (I graduated in 1993, man I'm old) I talk to only once in a while now. There are only a handful of friends from college that I am in contact with regularly.

So chin up. Don't completely write them off. Just don't worry about sending them Christmas cards.