Best ____ EVER!

My mom and aunt were in town this week. It's been a good week and I've gotten to do a lot in Charleston that I normally wouldn't do. Well...ok so we mostly ate and I do eat a lot...but I got to try new restaurants! We did brunch at Blossoms and it was awesome. Best steak and eggs ever. That's not saying much since I've never ordered steak and eggs before but really it was very very delicious. Oh and we had brunch breads that came with a strawberry/blueberry jam...I was in heaven! It was the best jam ever.
We drove out to Awendaw for a...hmmm...experience. Now I knew that Awendaw was about a half hour out from my house and I had passed this place before and had seen it was like a rundown house. However, I also know that it doesn't take a lot of room to make some good seafood. My aunt wanted to go out and try Seewee, so away we went. It was certainly an experience! The she-crab soup was delicious and I really liked the sweet potato fries. The fact that John Tesh might as well have been sitting at the table with us...well, he's no Delilah. The waitress started out pretty rude but then again, we did get there 10 minutes before closing time. They let us stay though and she got friendlier the closer we got to finishing up our food. The shrimp was so-so, although my ma said the fried shrimp were really tasty. Interesting facts though: Jimmy Buffet was there earlier in the exact same day that we dined. Mark from Hootie and the Blowfish lives across the street. Oliver North dined there. Alton Brown from the Food Network dined there and thinks they have the best hush puppies in the world (He obviously hasn't tried Peadon's) And there had been a Sak's Fifth Avenue photo shoot in the front room: I'm still not sure why they didn't include the not-so-friendly server in the shoot!
The best meal though was at The Fat Hen. My super nice Uncle treated us to a graduation dinner and I loved every bite! The fried green tomatoes were crispy and complimented nicely by a sweet pepper relish and goat cheese. The bacon-wrapped BBQ scallops were like heaven in a bite. The crab soup was not QUITE as good as the night before...but I think with a little sherry it would have beat the pants off Seewee's soup. I had shrimp and crab for dinner: local shrimp (so juicy and succulent!) and crab, served atop spicy hoppin' john and julienned vegetables. It was delicious and I had saved enough for leftovers. My favorite favorite favorite part though was dessert! I mean, who's favorite part is not dessert? I opted for the berries and crepes in a butter, sugar, Applejack (brandy...not cereal) sauce and topped with vanilla ice cream. Thanks Uncle Art! I think that may be my new favorite restaurant here and I'm going to head there for my birthday dinner!
Now it's time to eat some Apricot Nectar Cake.....mmmmmm!

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Kristi said...

You are killing me with this post! I am seriously hungry now and it's time for me to go to bed!