Mr. Potato Head and The Baby Cadet

I recently got a friend request on facebook from "The Black Stallion" (I'll call him BS to keep things easy). Now, I went on one date with BS something like 2 years ago. It was not a good date. BS kept calling, he also sent me a friend request which I never approved. BS finally got the point. Apparently BS thinks it's a good idea to try again 2 years later. Now why was BS so horrible, you ask? BS graduated from college with a degree in something...he chose to work as a teller at a bank. Not the worst job...but he probably should have aimed a little higher in life (not that a teller is a bad job but why go to college if you are going to do that?). BS lived with his mom. He was 28. BS had no plans of NOT living with his mom. BS's body type resembled Mr. Potato Head...guys should not have defined hips. I just don't find that attractive. He doesn't need loads of muscles...but you know, some slight muscle definition is definitely a good thing. BS was also black...now I would date a black guy, but I don't find really dark black guys attractive. Just as people may not find red hair, or pasty pale skin...you know, everybody has something they don't like. If it was just the black thing, I could have gotten past it...but I can't get past: black, Mr. Potato Head hips, lives with mom, no aspirations in life. We really had nothing in common so I don't see much point in approving him as my friend on facebook.
That brings me to my next horrible dating experience: I went out with TBC yesterday. Yes, his persistence wore me down. We were to meet at 1:45 at a cafe for a late lunch. He was 15 minutes late(I'm ok with lateness...I rarely run exactly on time, but if you ask someone out on a date you should be there within 5 minutes of the agreed upon time). He told me he was going to "high-five his friends for going out with a 26 year old." He also said he had never "been with a younger woman." Well guess what buddy? You aren't going to "be with" an older woman either. He also presumed there was going to be a second date. He is wrong. Unfortunately I have a problem with being mean to people to their face...so I gave him my phone number when he asked. Now it's just a matter of avoiding the phone call until I have a guy friend with me to answer the phone and be mean on my behalf!

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The fish professor said...

Ha! Muscular definition is for suckas!!!