My love, My darling, I've hungered for...

You probably thought I was going to start talking about Ghost or Unchained Melody. But you are wrong. I'm talking about french fries. I am so close to breaking. I am so hungry. My body is begging me "Please give me some french fries! Why are you starving me? Why do you suddenly hate me? " I know...you probably think that is ridiculous but it is not. French fries help me to feel sated.
I tried to have a little Hershey's dark chocolate nugget to satisfy my craving. I justified it by saying a)it's just one and it is bite size and b)it's dark chocolate so there are some health benefits there. It didn't work...so then I tried to drink a chocolate supreme protein shake. Barf in my mouth....that is possibly the worst flavor ever.
I am trying really hard to stick with this clean eating stuff for just a few more days until my ma and aunt get down here...then it's crap eating for me. I don't think I can make it though...It was pointed out to me yesterday that I eat cleanly MAYBE one day out of the week...so my cheat meals are almost a daily thing. But despite what the hater says/thinks (yeah...I'm talking about you!), I really am trying and my eating habits are actually really good in comparison to what they were.
*sigh* Not even my ulterior motives are going to keep me going this time...I need a miracle to make it back to school without stopping at a fast food place.

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Heto said...

What's the point of this (failing) experiement? Why are you torturing yourself?