So frustrated! I got up early today (not necessarily by choice) and went over to the gym. I did a little more than 30 minutes of cardio. I'm going to eat a healthy breakfast as soon as I finish blogging. (priorities) I've tried really hard this week...it's been a rough week and I've really wanted some fast food, french fries, pizza, waffles, coke...you know, anything NOT healthy. But I used my willpower and made it through. There's also the fact that none of the non-healthy food was in my house and I'm too lazy to actually go pick it up. If only Waffle House delivered...
Anywho, I got to the gym and decided to weigh myself. I had a really good workout yesterday. I've done pretty good about making it to the gym this week. I even got a new pair of pants that were a size smaller than what I was previously wearing. I step on the scale and the stupid thing did not say what I wanted it to say. I mean...it was 2 pounds less than what it was when I started...but I started something like 6 weeks ago! Seriously? 2 pounds...6 weeks. This is going to take forever. And I know, I know...scales are evil, they are not an accurate depiction. Look in the mirror. Well...why can't the scale reflect the changes? It's just not fair...I should probably go drown my sorrow in donuts and coke.

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Nicole said...

But you're building muscle! Muscle weighs more than fat! The important thing is that you went down a size! Congrats! After ages of looking at the scale, I realized I didn't care if I weighed 10 pounds less but wore the same size jeans (and stretched them out in the same places).