Don't you ever give up????

A couple weeks ago I was down at the Citadel doing a tobacco cessation project for school. This one cadet, The Baby Cadet (TBC), came back twice...not because he smoked that much but because he came once and then brought a friend back the next time.
I got home for my break and logged onto facebook....and TBC had found me on facebook. Now it's not that hard of a feat, my name tag for school has my first initial and last name (makes it easier to be stalked). I accepted his friend request because a)I feel bad being mean and denying him and b)we had to send out a survey a week later and I needed to be sure he filled it out. I expected never to actually speak to him....until I get home later that night and find an email from him. Would I care to hang out sometime? Oh.....gosh...what do you know, I'm busy for, say, the next 5 years! I wish I had said that...I'm too nice to say that.
I told him I was busy that night. So he writes back and says, how about Thursday night? Busy then too. Friday night? Got plans. Luckily spring break came up (which was like a "year in hot-girl time") and he disappeared for a week...now he's back. How about Friday again? Have a friend in town. Well one day this week then? He's in trouble and not even allowed to leave campus! Why is this boy (and he is a boy at the young age of 20) willing to leave campus and get in trouble just to hang out with me, despite my blowing him off 7 times?!?!?!
He's not a bad looking guy but he's so young. I try not to discriminate against age (see Nicole's blog). I generally date guys that are older than me but I won't knock someone out just because they are younger. But he can't even get into a bar! Unless he has a fake ID...in which case I don't want to go out with someone who needs/uses a fake ID. I'd be ok with just being friends with him, but since he referred to me in the same sentence as "hot-girl time" I'm thinking friends is not what he wants to be.

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Nicole said...

I don't think ruling someone out because he's not legally able to drink is discrimination. That's just practical. He sounds like trouble, though. I say unfriend him! (Especially if he's already filled out the survey.)