2 more days

Well it's almost that time. In about 32 hours I will be about to sit down to take a portion of the biggest test of my professional life. There is national and regional boards so this is only a part of it but it's the harder part. I can clean someone's teeth (or at least I think I can) and I can't study for it...it's either a skill I possess or I don't.
The knowledge for this test is something I hope I possess. I have been going over a couple mock boards and studying the review book. I feel fairly confident about most of the material...I'm a little iffy on Pharmacology but I feel like if I try to cram any more info in my brain it will burst and I will lose it all. Hopefully any pharm stuff will be common knowledge!
Starting to get nervous so trying to focus on tomorrow. That will be a fun day! I will start with a Wild Lime Blossom scalp and full body massage. I will leave there greasy but relaxed, or at least that's the goal. Next I will clean up my house some, do some laundry, take a nap, and make some stromboli. (If you could email the recipe M., that'd be just great.) Finally I will take shag lessons with Dr. Joe...I know, weird that we broke up and now are taking shag lessons but he wanted to remain friends and he is my only male friend willing to take these lessons. So we shall learn to shag. I'm hoping it is fun and destressifying!

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Heto said...

I didn't know you broke up! And I am jealous of your dance lessons... but don't tell your brother, because he'll find some silly class for me to take!

Also, you are going to kick some ass tomorrow -- I'll be thinking of you! Let me know how it goes!