worst dieter EVER!

Yup that's me...well perhaps diet isn't the right word because diet signifies temporary and this is supposed to be a permanent healthy lifestyle change. So, since we all know I suck at sticking to things long term, it's a diet. I actually haven't had a coke in 5 days, so I'm doing decent at sticking to the foods...or at least I'm trying.
The past 2 mornings I have been getting wake-up calls to make sure that I'm awake and eating breakfast. Yesterday...it took somewhere around 7 calls to get me out of bed. Today...it only took 2, I think...but I may have not been completely honest when I said I was getting out of bed. I mean, I stretched and made it sound believable and all...but I stayed my butt in bed for another 20 min or so, best 20 min of my life! (or at least it would have been if someone didn't decide to clean the oven at midnight last night and it was beeping every minute and a half)
Tonight is cheat night though and I'm going to chow down on some pizza, I just have to figure out what kind to get: Magical Mystery Tour (3 kinds of mushrooms, jalapenos and feta), BBQ chicken (without bacon of course!), or perhaps the Killer Potato Pie (loaded potato skins + pizza = heaven!)...oh and I'm going to drink like 5 cokes to make up for skipping them this week!

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