Another week begins

I'm supposed to be exercising now. And then eating next...I am not doing either. I may eat in a few but I am def not exercising anytime soon. (I know, I know I will get fussed at for this, but suck it up! I'll get around to it...) I am not good at sticking to a schedule. I get so distracted by things like, well, the internet. I got up this morning and said to myself "Well, I could exercise, eat, then do things I actually need to do....or I could facebook/myspace stalk people and blog." We all can see what won out.
So anyways, here is my latest dilemma: I got invited to a wedding. I'm torn on weddings. They are fun, they celebrate a new beginning to 2 people's lives, blah blah, all that crap...plus there is usually an open bar. They are also just slightly depressing in that: it's not mine, I don't have one in sight, nor do I even have a boyfriend...or any prospects for a boyfriend. But such is life and the fun part of the wedding usually wins out.
So back to the invite: I like this girl and her guy...they are fun people and I'm sure the wedding will be a blast but I absolutely HATE going to weddings by myself. Even if I have a friend go with me, it still means I don't have to go alone...with a bunch of other couples...and I'm by myself. Did I mention I don't like to be there by myself? I'm sure I could sucker one of my guy friends to go with me...nothing some persistent whining/begging won't fix. I need to RSVP fairly soon but I'm just not sure who to ask to go with me. The problem is I don't know who I'll still hang out with in 2 months. I have a tendency of being moody and mean and running people off. I haven't seen BA in almost 2 months, so I don't know if he would go or not. He probably would considering his undying crush on me that only comes out when he's been drinking (not a good scenario considering the open bar)...I just don't know what to do!

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Heto said...

Can you take a girlfriend with you so you can stalk any hot groomsmen? Or would that be too weird?

Also, the cake was better this time, not so mushy. I added a bit of vanilla instead of just almond flavoring. I am going to be so sick of blueberries by the time this project is over!!