I just got asked the weirdest question. I get a facebook message from a guy that I was acquaintances with in high school, but certainly not close friends or anything.
R: Hey how's life treating you?
K: Pretty good, thanks, how are you.
R: Good, I just wanted to ask you one real quick question
K: ok, what's up? (getting nervous here, one real quick question from someone 8 years in your past that you never speak to is never a good thing)
R: Are you still really really skinny?
K: *busts out laughing*

Certainly not the question I was expecting! I informed him that while I may have been thin back in the day, I was never really really skinny...I'm only about 10 lbs heavier now than what I was back then. However, if I have to be remembered as really really skinny, I'll take it.

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