One Please!

Where can I find one former male cheerleader with really big muscles who can intimidate people into doing what they should do? Hmmmm....M and I pretty much decided that the cheerleaders aren't going to listen to us. We just aren't that scary. M is especially not scary. I don't think she's capable of being mean. Me, on the other hand, can be mean...but I don't like to do it too often because I don't want to be known as the "mean coach" plus I don't want to totally tear these girls down and lower their self-esteem. I'll depend on someone else to do that
We've always wondered how the other teams were SO disciplined. The mini's (ages 4-6ish) are better behaved and listen better than our juniors (age 11-14). They are sharper, cleaner, and have better facials....turns out it is fear that has them disciplined. I was a little shocked as a coach yelled at a 4 year old "Blah-blah! Think about where you are going, what are you thinking?" "Blah-blah, hurry up! You are so behind! You aren't thinking at all!" I felt a little bad for the little girls, but they were listening and looked a whole lot better than our team.
Oh and the other thing....it is SO not appropriate for an 8 year old to be popping things more than I would if I were out at a club. And trust me, had I gone with the original Britney-inspired-dance that I came up with at first....it still would have been tamer than what these chick-a-dees were doing! Just wait for next year's dance!!

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Maybe somebody really awesome will find you someone!!