2:50...that game time does not work for me UNC. I want to cheer you on but tomorrow at 2:50 I will be cleaning teeth. Without a TV in front of me. I think my teachers would frown upon a portable radio too....although it might be a good thing to check. How am I supposed to cheer you on without: a)seeing you b)wearing my UNC scrubs or c)getting updates on the game.
So I guess I'll just have to say Go Tarheels! But I know you guys can do it...it's Radford, I mean...I've barely heard of them. You can do it. I just hope Ty is back because you guys were kinda sucking without him...so fix your toe Ty and get back on the court!

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Anonymous said...

I heard on the news that Barrack has picked UNC to win the whole thing..... do you like him now??? Are you ready to become a Democrat!! :-)