Oh almost forgot!!

Whoa now. I'm sneaking in here with this blog 30 minutes before my daily deadline!!
Why is it that I can get so sucked into Bath & Body Works? Does anyone else have this problem? I went in there to buy the plugs for wallflowers and ended up buying shower gel and lotion and scrubs. It happens every time! I have to limit my times I can enter that store because I'd go broke. And have way too much soap. I barely ever even put lotion on!! I intend to. But I don't. One bottle should be enough for a year for me. Why do I need four? Oh right, different scents. I mean I need a coconut lime for the summer. I like Dark Kiss for the winter. Vanilla Noel around Christmas. Carried Away is a good spring smell but I don't know if I love it for spring. Maybe the cotton scent? I seriously need to stay out of that store!

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