Continuing Education

I headed out to N'ville for the night to get some continuing education in. Overall it was a fail/win of a night. Here's why it was a fail of a night: I got VERY lost on the way out there. I followed what my GPS said but I still got lost. It tried to take me a different way than what I would usually go because of traffic. Bad move. I went through the ghetto "west side", under some el tracks and ended up lost. I was 10 minutes late but I didn't seem to miss anything of any importance except some schmoozing with the cute young dentist at my table. Next time CYD, next time. I was all prepared to be strong and to eat things that my diet would allow me to eat...ummmm...do you have any idea how hard that is when it's a catered meal?!?! There are carbs in EVERYTHING. Soup? chicken and rice. I ate the broth and the chicken but I was getting all the rice juices that seeped out into the broth. Salad? Came with dried fruit. I had given up at this point and figured I'd just cheat, it wouldn't be that bad but I would avoid really bad carbs (i.e. bread, rice, pasta, potatoes). I also thought the dried fruit was cheese. I was wrong. I wish it had been cheese. The entree was a filet (cooked a nice medium rare, impressive. I was expecting a hockey puck.), carrots and dirty rice.  I ate the rice. I know, I know, I said I wasn't going to eat rice! But it was on my plate. and at least it wasn't white rice. As though I weren't feeling guilty enough already, dessert came. It was a chocolate mousse pie with a half cookie dipped in whipped cream. I didn't finish the dessert if that counts for anything. I feel really guilty about eating all that. If I come close to winning this gym challenge but miss it by just a hair, I will be SO upset with myself. The food tonight wasn't even that good. But it seemed rude to just leave it on the plate and not eat it. Plus...I was hungry. It was there. I do feel badly.
Ok, enough of all that. On to why it was a win of a night: It was a good continuing ed class. I don't know that I necessarily LEARNED anything new...but it was all stuff that I would like incorparted into a practice I work for. Cutting edge stuff, new technology, new techniques, new materials. I like that stuff. The dentist that was lecturing? Well...I want to look into him because I would like to work for him. He seems to really know his stuff and just from everything he was saying, I know I'd be a good fit in his practice. Unless he's a big jerk when he's working but he seemed to be a really nice, genuine guy. The bad news? He knows my current boss and so would probably not try to poach his hygienist. But...I'm going to start doing my research to see if it's worth looking into.

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