Bond. James Bond

I went to see the new James Bond movie tonight, Skyfall. I was not unexcited about the movie because I had just been thinking to myself that I hadn't been to see a movie in quite some time when the invite came. That being said, I wasn't necessarily excited that the movie was a James Bond movie. I mean, I think I've only seen one other JB movie in my life. But, it was a movie and something lowkey to do on a Friday night.
It was a really good movie! I mean, it was a little ridiculous when they rode a motorcycle up the stairs and on the roof tops of houses. But beside it being silly, it was a good movie. I wonder why I don't watch more JB movies. Maybe that'll be my wintertime project. When it's too cold to go outside and I just want to curl up on the couch, I can have a JB marathon. How many are there? 12? 13?

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Heto said...

There are 23. I forgot that you posted this! I am doing the same thing, except before 2014.