*Insert word here* dipped in Ranch

Today was a rough paleo day. It started out ok enough. I ate a hot sausage (bad, nitrates, better than hash browns!) and an egg for breakfast. Lunch was a leftover porkchop with Bojangles seasoning (yum!! Thanks Heather for the seasoning) with some broccoli. This is where things went downhill. I had a long neverending day at work. I was hungry and tired by the time I was on the way home. I managed to drive past the McDonalds and resist the hot fudge oreo McFlurry that I've become addicted to. I got home and was ready to fall into bed but was oh so hungry! I had another sausage. I was going to go out and watch a football game with some friends but I had this overwhelming urge to dip everything in ranch. Seriously. Everything. Wings. Pizza. French Fries. Fingers. They didn't even have to be my fingers. I wasn't sure if going out was going to be the best idea. Me & Willpower are not exactly best friends. So I took a nap. Then I slept for four hours.  I know...some people get that much sleep overnight. Just a slightly longer than normal nap for me. I feel better now that I've awakened. Ranch would still be good but if there were a bottle of ranch in front of me, I think I could control myself and not drink the entire thing.

In other news, I had a patient in today who I have a mini crush on. He's clearly not interested in me. It's nothing to do with me. I'm about 99% sure he likes boys. But he's this really friendly, well-dressed, cute, little guy with the brightest smile. The girl who works the front desk said he wears this amazing cologne that makes her want to jump him but he didn't have it on today. I was glad he was the last patient of the day because he brightened up the last bit for me !

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