I suppose I should blog

I guess I should so this. I was going to complain. I am in a bad mood. But I'm not going to. Instead I will be excited about my new Sonic Steam Mop. There's steam. There's sonic. There's a mop. I used it today....ill admit its the first I've mopped since I moved in 3 months ago. I know that's gross but get over it. It's mopped now. My floors were pretty dirty! Especially obvious on the new white mop pad...that got tossed straight into the washer! Oh yeah the mop head is washable! That's pretty exciting. Plus you don't need any chemical solution just water which gets turned to steam by an easy pumping mechanism. I'm not sure what's sadder about this post, the fact that I'm excited about a mop or that I spent Friday night mopping.

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