Oh Starry Night

It's back to work for me tomorrow. I only had to work 2 days last week and while it totally threw my schedule off and I spent most of the week sleeping (or going out and sleeping to recover from it), I really don't think I can go tomorrow. I used to really like my job and now...well...not so much. I can't take the overly chipper attitudes first thing in the morning (I know, but really??? No need to be THAT chipper THAT early!). Ugh...I really hope it goes better than it has been the past few weeks.
At least I have cheer camp after work, so that should cheer me up - we're expecting a really good turnout. 35 kids are pre-registered and we're expecting some to just show up. The best part of this??? I don't have to teach! Just show up and smile, be nice to the kids and I get paid for it! Sweet deal, huh?

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