What a Rip Off!

The salon I go to is adjoined with a boutique - Viola & Clyde. I always browse in there but I have never bought anything because a)most of what is sold there is not my style b)what I do like looks good on the hanger but horrid on me and c)most of what is sold in there is ridiculously expensive. Today, I found a cute shirt on the sale rack - a basic tank in a pretty blue with some lacy details. They suggested pairing it with a boyfriend jean (which I refer to as lesbian jeans because I'm pretty sure, with my short hair...I look like a lesbian in the jeans) which I happened to have at home! I liked the idea - a cute basic with girly details paired with masculine style jeans. Perfect! I bought the tank, knowing the no return policy on sale items. Well, I wore the shirt out tonight and as I was lazing about on my couch I realized there were holes all along the seams of the lace! This is crap! And even though I bought it today, I can't return it. I'm still gonna try - but I highly doubt I'll buy anything from there again, it's super expensive AND poor quality? No thanks.
As for the salon - the girl I see (also named Kristin...crazy!!) leaves wax all over my face everytime I'm in there. I even told her I had a date tonight. You'd think she'd make extra effort to remove the wax. If you thought that, you'd be wrong. I swear she left extra wax today. I think I need to switch to another stylist but I'm scared she's gonna ask me why I changed.

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