I Don't Get It

I don't get how you go from being someone's best friend for a year and a half and going from spending the majority of your time with or talking to that person to we're done. I mean, I get what happened - but I didn't think that would be the end result. It was never any question that I was in love with him so of course telling me that he likes some girl who is moving across the country to be with him isn't going to get an overjoyed reaction. I explained he had just broken my heart and that while it's great news for him, it is not quite the same good news for me and that I needed some space. I thought that was the mature thing to do - ask for space instead of lashing out. Apparently, I was wrong. Generally when I think I'm doing the right thing it turns out I'm wrong. I am not sure, aside from being overjoyed which I was not capable of, what the right thing to do was. I guess I took too much space though because when I was ready to calmly address it, he was gone and done with me.
No apologies seem capable of bringing my best friend back to me. Nothing I do seems to fix anything. He has his new girlfriend and no longer sees a need for me. Funny how when he was by himself down there and so lonely that he had room in his life for me. Funny how he had asked me to move down there and I wasn't able to. Now he's not lonely and so why would he talk to me? Except it's really not that funny. I'm still stuck here. Adjusting to him moving away was hard enough. Now I have to adjust to him shunning me. It's a hard thing to adjust to. BTW, if you bring this up to my face or on the phone, I will probably walk away or lash out at you so I wouldn't suggest it.

In other news, I'm headed on a date tonight with a guy who is already overly clingy. He's got our next 30 years planned out and has assured me he won't have a run in with the garbage disposal since I said I don't really like missing fingers. What happened to taking things slow? I explained I don't like talking on the phone (partially true, there are a few exceptions) so his solution is that we'll just have to hang out that much more. *sigh* I think tonight will only encourage him.

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Debbie said...

Ahh Ha, I get it. 'nough said