The Girl Who Played With Fire

I've been reading The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo trilogy books by Stieg Larsson. First of all, I'm addicted. Secondly, I can't read fast enough! Thirdly...he can't really be dead! I need more!
I'm on the second book now and am totally perplexed. I have no doubt that Salander is innocent - there's no way she could have killed those 2 people. Her guardian? Yes, perhaps..but he was a douche that should have been killed. Plus, if she killed the other 2 her coffee cup wouldn't have been broken. She's disappeared from the book and it's telling the story from every perspective but hers! I have to know! The problem is that I can't rush through reading the end of this book because I'm borrowing them from my neighbor and she's not quite done with the third book.
If anyone is looking for a good book, check these out! They are a little graphic and the first one was a little slow to start but after you get thru the first 1/3 of the book - wow! You can't put it down. I clocked out of work earlier today just so I could read a little bit more.
I heard the movies (Swedish versions) are good though not as good as the books. That's always the case though, isn't it? Ok, I've stalled enough - I've got to get back to reading!

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