This Is How It Should Go

So I went on another date tonight - no not Dan Dan the Creepy Needy Man. After a futile attempt to slow things down with him (was worried he might propose to me on the 2nd date...or get my name tattooed on his neck), I had to cut him off. He wasn't getting that I was not all that interested. Tonight went much better though! The new guy is the complete opposite of guys I normally would date but maybe that's not such a bad thing...there was lots of good conversation and a mutual spark (or so I thought)that didn't border on psychotic. He's a little on the skinny side and shorter than I normally would like but he's decent looking. He's also pretty involved in the church but didn't seem to try to sway me into getting involved or even going. We talked about church and all, but I liked that it was a conversation, not an attempt to convinvce me. We have a tentative 2nd date set up for Saturday.
Plus there was a good hot dog. Every date needs a good hot dog. I went to Perfectly Franks out in Summerville. Perry, the owner (who I was worried might be my date - he was in a do rag), was outside on the phone, waving friendly-like at the passerbys. As I waited outside, he offered to bring me a menu. I declined but said I'd be inside in a few minutes. It was hot so I went ahead inside and figured my date would find me. It was empty inside so I decided to chat up the staff. I asked if they had any specialty dogs and Perry was more than helpful. He said the Frank Cuda was a pretty popular one and pointed out a few more. He also said their tacos were really good but they only had a few types of fish that night. I decided to divulge to him that I was there for Hot Dog 2010 and he seemed really excited about it. He offered to pay me so he wouldn't come in last place. He was a funny guy. As he prepared my hot dog, he said he would let me put my own ketchup on so it would be just the right amount. He had prepared food for weddings, catering, fine dining events...but this was the most nerve-wracking. I took a bite and gave him a big thumbs up. The dog was delicious! It was juicy and flavorful. It was a little longer than a normal dog but not quite a foot long. He uses the same type of bun as Jack's Cosmic Dogs so I'm not sure how a super-topping-upped dog will go but he did suggest having them trim the bun so it will fit in my mouth. My date got 2 dogs, both oozing with toppings...I was impressed. He swears by their Dr. Pepper BBQ sauce that came on one of the dogs. We also had Guiness beer battered onion rings that were decent, crispy and greasy but a little bitter-sweet taste from the Guinness. I think on my return visit I'll have to try the sweet potato fries with blue cheese crumbles. As tbe evening wore on, it got busier inside and I found it hard to believe they would really close down at 7. I'm looking forward to my return visit as I'm pretty sure Perfectly Franks will be a front runner.

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