Left-Right, Left-Right-Left

I'm off to boot camp. Well...not quite yet. I've paid for boot camp now I just need to figure out a good time to go. Through the Groupon (love it, thanks ma!) website, I got a deal for an unlimited number of classes for a month for only $39. That's normally a $120 cost! I'll be participating at Park Circle's Fly Dog Fitness, probably sticking with the evening classes since I don't see myself making a 6 am workout session.
I need to do something. I no longer have that little persistant voice reminding me that "it's my body, my choice" and so I've gotten pretty lazy. I haven't worked out at all in something like 3 months and I'm really starting to feel blah, like all my muscle (there wasn't much to begin with) is turning into flab. Hopefully this boot camp will kick start me back into a work out plan.
I'm debating joining Planet Fitness. I really don't like the idea of working out at the mall where anyone can walk by the big glass window and see you working out - but it's cheap at only $10 a month and I don't use a lot of the extras that most gyms offer (juice bar, classes, child care, personal trainers...). I don't think you have to sign a contract with them either. The other thing I'm considering is using an online personal trainer. The website I found is Fit Orbit and it seems you email back and forth with a trainer who sets you up with a work out plan that will get you heading in your fitness goal direction and works with you on a meal plan that you can stick with. They send you videos to demonstrate the exercise and are available for motivation and questions. It seems like a good idea...I think...

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I would say do one thing at a time.... do the boot camp for the month and then join a health club after that. Is that what you were thinking?