Suck Suck Suck

As I get home from my date, I realize that I suck at dating - an integral part of dating is being able to say no and that you think you're better off as friends. That's the part I suck at. I mean, the guy tonight was not bad and he seemed to adore me. He was willing to drop the rest of his weekend plans to hang out with me, offered to have dinner cooked for me if I wanted to come over Sunday night after cheer and I swear I could have done nothing wrong - I could have told racist jokes (which I don't), used curse words in every sentence (which I don't), scratched my butt (which I don't), and danced like MC Hammer (occasionally, I do)...and he would have thought I was perfect. I know I should look for someone that adores me but he wasn't Casey. That was the problem. No one's ever going to be Casey and I'm stupid for holding out for someone who is exactly like him. And holding out for the real Casey - well...he has no interest in me. For whatever reason, I was never good enough for him. Ugh...how am I supposed to let this guy down? Or do I just settle for someone who seems interested in me? This is one of the many reasons I don't like dating.
In less sucky news, Hot Dog 2010 kicked off tonight. Jack's Cosmic Dogs was contender #1 and was not bad. I have tried them previously and did not love their hot dogs due to too much bun, so too much room for toppings and impossibility of getting even amounts of topping/dog ratio. However, with just ketchup (I know, once you are 5 you should stop eating ketchup only on your hot dog) it was actually pretty good. Plus they make their own root beer which was delicious! AND they have Kool-Aid! Yes! It's really good. I believe they also cut their own fries as well which is a nice addition - although eat them fast or they get crunchy. Next up on the list is Perfectly Frank's in Summerville.

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