So here I am thinking the cheerleading season started off beautifully and I was excited about the upcoming season. But, on the first day of practice, I am already dealing with an angry parent. I pulled her daughter aside to explain (nicely!) that we (all coaches) put her on the senior team but we talked about putting her on the junior team. Her skills were some great, some not so great but her attitude was usually not so good. Her mom was uber-pissed and yelled at me. I stayed nice and didn't get an attitude back but she thinks her daughter responds with a "yes ma'am" when she has one of the worst attitudes on the team! Obviously no mom likes being told her kid has a nasty attitude but I couldn't lie! I explained she does not say "yes ma'am" and while sometimes she has a good attitude - more often than not, it was bad. I tried to say how much we enjoyed working with her and how when she works hard, she does really well. She did a great job today, we only want to see her improve and continue to progress...ugh! She didn't hear any of it! I apologized for upsetting her daughter but she talked about pulling her daughter from the team. That's not what I want at all! I want her attitude to improve before a different coach makes her cry on a daily basis for her bad attitude! It was like a heads up without saying "Coach is a barracuda. She will eat you alive the first time you get an attitude." *sigh* I tried to warn her....

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