Crossfit Open 14.1

I completed my first crossfit competition today. Or I started it at least. The Crossfit Open is a 5 week competition with weekly events that each athlete has 4 days to complete. I chickened out last year. It seemed so intimidating. How would I ever lift that much weight? I can't do a pull-up! Double unders? Psssh! Let's not be silly.
This year was going to be a different story. Even if I couldn't do everything, perfectly or at all, I was determined to participate. I was beyond nervous today and almost didn't want to participate. So many people, so much pressure. But then someone reminded me, it's just a workout. Who cares what your score is? You did it!
Today's workout?
30 double unders (jump roping with the rope passing under your feet twice per jump)
15 snatches (weight had to go from ground to overhead, women's weight 55 pounds)

I knew the snatches would be fine. It's a fairly light weight and I'm pretty comfortable throwing the weight overhead. The double unders have been a constant struggle for me. I just got a new rope so I don't whip myself nearly as often as with my previous rope. Did I mention you just repeat those 2 movements over and over for 10 minutes? Initially when I thought about this workout, I was like - 5 rounds. 1 minutes for double unders, 1 minute for 15 snatches. That builds in such a buffer. Then I heard another girl saying it took her 3 minutes to do the double unders. I started rethinking my goals....down to 1 round. I met my goal. I made 1 round plus 3 snatches. I definitely need to work on double unders. I used to think I was a coordinated person...until I tried these things. I'll have a picture to add to this post at some point. (If I don't look atrocious in all of them!!!)

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