I completed 14.2 today. I know, I know. You are dying to know! What was 14.2?? Let's see if I can explain it where it makes sense:

0:00-3:00 (the first 3 minutes)
2 rounds of:
10 overhead squats (65#)
10 chest to bar pullups (the bar must make contact below the collarbone)
3:00 - 6:00 (second 3 minutes - only completed if you finish the first 3 min in time)
2 rounds of:
12 squats
12 chest to bar pullups.

And you continue on, adding 2 reps for every 3 minutes you successfully complete. I don't feel the need to type further because I didn't make it further. I didn't make it that far, but to give you an idea of how the workout went.

I got my very first chest to bar pullup approximately 24 hours before the workout. I went in with a goal of 13 reps. The 10 squats would be easy. The pullups would be tough. I warmed up in the back room and they were going pretty smoothly. Then it was time for the workout.

Mistake #1  - complete before I even left my house. I put lotion on. My legs were ashy. My lotion has sparkles in it and it makes me happy. It also made my hands very slippery.

Mistake #2 - I was sweating. Out of my control but it made my hands very moist. Hard to hold on to the bar with moist hands.

Mistake #3 - the bar I was using was SO slippery. It probably wasn't as bad as I'm remembering. But I could not hold on to the bar for the life of me!

Mistake #4 - I should have made tape grips. I considered it but decided it was unnecessary due to the low number of pullups I'd be doing. The tape grips would have meant I could hold on to the bar.

I ended with a total of 14 reps. 1 more than what my goal was - but I think if I could have held the bar, I could've gotten at least 20 reps. What does this mean? I'm trying this one again too!

Picture from this workout to follow - there are 2 girls at my gym, Ali G & Lauren A who take awesome pictures and are so great to volunteer their services to capture the day - can't wait to see what they got!

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