Do Over!

The nice thing about the crossfit open is you can re-do the workout as many times as you'd like between the announcement of the workout and the following Monday. I decided to try this one again because I know I can move faster. My double unders went much better today. I was able to do sets of 5 pretty consistently throughout the workout. Yesterday, I got 78 reps. Today I got 101.

Things I did differently:
- wore running flats. The shoes are smooth on the bottom so if the rope catches on the tread on the bottom of the shoes...well, there is no tread.
- tried to breathe during the double unders. If I got flustered (which I often do), I stopped, took a breath and did 1 double under. If I had to do them 1 at a time, that's how I'd get through the workout.
- Moved faster during the snatch. Technically, the weight just had to go from ground to overhead - arm positioning/stopping points didn't matter. So most of the reps I did in a snatch position but when it was hard to convince myself to pick the bar up, I moved to a jerk movement. (go halfway up, quick rest/turning of wrists at shoulders, weight overhead)
- had a different judge. My friend Chrystal judged me today. She was much more liberal with the double unders than yesterdays judge. I'm tricky to judge double unders on because I do a single turn of the rope, followed by a double turn, followed by another single. I often get tripped up on the second single - yesterdays judge thought it was during the double under.

I'm happy with today's results. Until I can figure out double unders (i.e. work on them and not expect to magically have them one day), I'm going to struggle on any workout that involves them.

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