Winter Wonderland!

It snowed today and it is so pretty! The snowflakes were so big and magical and sparkly! The road was kinda slushy and ugly...but I just looked up to see the snows covered in sparkles! We got around 4 inches or so today and are due for another 3-4 over the next few days!! It's so exciting! I got my first experience trying to open the dumpster when it was covered in snow - turns out it's really heavy! Also, you shouldn't slam the lid down because the snow flies everywhere. Like all in your face. But it was still pretty and white so it was ok. It made me giggle.
Also, I have a date tonight - first date that I've been actually genuinely excited about. Well, it's not a first date, I've had other first dates I thought I was excited about but this is the first second or third date that I've been excited about. I actually came home from our previous date with a smile on my face instead of a grimace. Also, I came home and said "It was really good!" when C2 asked how it went, instead of my usual response of "uuuuuggggghhhh."  Fingers crossed it goes well tonight!

Oh...and in case you were wondering? Boat shoes do not work well in the snow! Yes, they are waterproof but no, they are not warm. Also, my pants got all wet.

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