My Favorite Things

I had my first commute in the snow today! It wasn't a lot of snow, maybe about an inch or so. I usually hate waking up in the morning and this morning was no different but there was something serene about leaving the house and everything being snowy white. Since today was a holiday (for everyone but me!), I was one of the first people out and about. There was one set of footprints in the snow...then mine! At some points it was just my feet. I was tempted to lay down in a small parking lot and make a snow angel but I didn't want to get my scrubs all wet. Plus I was running late. Figured being soaked in snow would be a bad excuse...As I walked to the el stop, I was singing "My Favorite Things" to myself...except the only lines I could remember were "....snowflakes that fall on my nose and eyelashes. Brown paper packages tied up in string. Those are a few of my favorite things. When your job bites, when the bee stings..."wait, there's nothing about a bad job in that song? Oh...
Today was also my first "below zero" day. It was actually 18 out but with the windchill, it was -8. It wasn't too bad actually. I had my big down coat on and my snow boots. I was set! The way home was a little colder though. I survived it though...with all my fingers and toes! :)