Planning Ahead

Now before I start this blog entry, I know, I'm way ahead of time on this but I have to be! I got to thinking about next Thanksgiving. What will we eat? Will I be at my normal Thanksgiving spot? Well, here's what I propose: I propose that my aunt & uncle who love me dearly (it's true, they do) plant a garden. I think that this garden should grow delicious things. Things like parsnips and brussel sprouts and celery and onions and potatoes and herbs. Oh and pumpkins. We can't forget the pumpkins!
Why would they ever grow all this and where will they find the room? Well, they could install some grow lamps inside (no, not for marijuana!!) and between the basement and the backyard, surely we could create a feast. Because next year, we're going to grow our on Thanksgiving! Don't you love that idea? How good would it feel to know where all our food came from (not the grocery store!) and to eat all of our (er...their...)hard work? I can taste it now! It's gonna be great!
We can bake our own bread and use that for stuffing. We will chop up the celery and herbs and onions from the backyard and stuff it in their turkey they've been raising! Oh...no turkey? I can't talk them into that? Well, ok, we can buy an organic, free-range, hormone free, grass fed turkey. I'd also like that turkey to have eaten some apples. I want to taste what the turkey ate when I eat the turkey!
I'm excited about this already! I can only imagine how much the excitement will build up over the next 10 months!


Anonymous said...

This sounds like fantasy Thanksgiving! Wake up and start saving for that organic, free-range, hormone free, grass fed except for the apples, fantasy turkey! Better yet, maybe the fam should come visit you in Chicago! Your aunt who loves you dearly, hates to garden but loves to travel and eat out! Now that would be exciting!!

Anonymous said...

Yes........Chicago!! Here we come.

Anonymous said...

My suitcase is packed!!!! Kristin, you can start planting around May up there!