Why, hello! It's Been Awhile!

Welcome to 2012. I had a great night last night. It was much needed! I had a bad day on Friday and the remnants were still hanging around on Saturday morning. The day got a little better after I started working on my New Year's Resolution (running...more on that another day). I went to lunch with the Howl At The Moon guy (quick catch up - our date to the show/dinner was actually really great. But I don't think I want to date - combo of being new in town and not over Robert. Bad combo. Told him I just wanted to be friends and so far as I know, he's ok with that). We went to Chubby Weiners (hehehe...ok, no I'm not 13). It's a hot dog place and it was pretty good. He asked what I had going on for NYE and I, sadly, had nothing going on. I kept trying to make plans but nothing was panning out. The only person who was dead set on going out (and doing whatever I wanted to do) was the firefighter dude...but then with the bad day and the prices of everything, I had pretty much decided I was going to stay in and wallow in my misery.
Anyways, HATMguy mentioned he was going to this German bar, the DankHouse and that it was pretty cheap at only $15. I decided it would be better than sitting at home and if it was lame, I could always go home early. Firefighter dude said he would come and after much work, I convinced my other friend to come as well. At first sight, it definitely looked like it was going to be lame but it turned out to be so much fun! There was a band there, the Polkaholics. It was a polka/rock and roll combo band. Yeah, I know...weird. No, I do not know how to polka. No, I didn't learn how to polka. But according to everyone there, all you had to do was bounce around. Not mosh pit like bouncing. It was weird. But fun. Firefighter dude got bored and bounced...hahaha, get it? No, not bounced like polkaed but bounced like left. I was ok with that. I got the impression he didn't like that I wasn't giving him much attention. Oh well. He'll be alright. He was getting weird anyways. Long story short, the night was fun. HATMguy was super fun and my friend that I basically begged to come out had a blast as well!

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Anonymous said...

Glad you had fun!! But polka/rock n roll? Very weird!!!!