Take My Love With You

I'm listening to Eli "Paperboy" Reed...good stuff. So guess what? I'm going home!! No, not for good! But for 2 weeks. I'm super excited, I feel like it's been so long since I've seen everyone. I'm going to get to see the Wilkie's, go try Uncle Alan's new restaurant, see J2's new baby, see the nephews....I know I usually only made it up to Fayetteville a few times a year when I lived in SC but I just feel so far away from them now! So I'm super excited to see them all!
I'm also going to go down to Charleston for a week. Now, I know part of the reason that I left was because I felt like I didn't really have any friends down there. But once I made the decision to leave, people wanted to hang out with me....you want what you can't have? They suddenly realized how awesome I was? I don't know, but I have enjoyed keeping in touch with the people who did come to my rescue! I can't wait to see them all again! I'm going to go to a competition for my cheerleaders - they are having a great season so far so I hope that streak continues! I'll have a movie night with Chrissy (One for the Money), dinner with Debbie & Malinda, hang out with K2 and Britney....I'll even get to work with Dr. B's office! Yes, I know, I'm going to work on my vacation, I'm lame but I miss them a bunch!
I'm not ready to move back yet, I'm still enjoying the big city life. Just want to clarify that...but Feb 1 can't get here soon enough!


Emily/Randomability said...

Not related to what you've just posted, but how are you getting along in the Central time zone?

K said...

Pretty good but there is so much snow out there right now!

Emily/Randomability said...

with the snow, February is usually the worst. bundle up!