Meat Sweats

Ugh. I am so gross. I was mad craving cheese fries today and didn't want to be disappointed so I headed over to Outback. Of course, I didn't just eat cheese fries. Because who can do that? Here's what I had:
Small order of cheese fries: 1292 cal (It serves 3...I ate all of it. alone.)
House salad with tangy tomato dressing: 216 cal
6 oz Sirloin steak: 254 cal
Side of seasonal mixed veggies: 96 cal

I can't find the nutrition info for the entire loaf of bread I ate, slathered with butter. So for dinner tonight, I ate 1858 calories. Oh wait, I almost forgot the coke! I had 1 full glass of Coke, which is approximately 220 calories, which brings my total up to 2078. The average woman should consume 1500-2000 calories a day. So if I didn't eat lunch, I would be ok...except I did eat lunch. You can just start calling me lard butt.

(In other good news, I did run a 10 minute mile the other day. There is no way I can pull a second mile out at this time but I'll start working on that in a few days)