Still a Grinch

I'm still being a grinch. I feel like everytime I start to get into the Christmas spirit some event happens and makes me hate the whole world again. I'm about 1 stressful event away from cancelling Christmas and staying home, in my bed, by myself for the weekend. I'm trying my best to avoid everyone so that I can relax and not flip out....sometimes it works, sometimes not so much.
I went to Early's graduation today and I'm a little frustrated about that. I stressed and stressed about what to wear - I wanted to look perfect because a)I never get to dress up so I wanted him to see that if I tried, I could look nice and pulled together and b)I thought there might be a picture taken of the two of us and that his parents would see it. I wanted them to think that I looked like a nice, appropriate, not cheap floozy...so worry worry worry, I finally found the perfect outfit and get this: I even ironed it! I know, that's a shocker. I thought I looked really nice when I left the house today - perhaps my hair was a little flat but overall, it was a winning look. Was there a picture? No. Did he comment on my appearance? No. And, to make everything worse...I got a blister from the shoes I was wearing and it busted on my walk back to the car. I should have just worn my sweat pants and flip flops.

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Debbie said...

just want you to know....I love you!