An Actual Conversation

Sadly, this really did happen.
Self: I should go to the gym.
Self: I know, but I'm tired.
Self: Yeah but the gym will make you feel more energized
Self: I have to poo.
Self: Don't be ridiculous. You can poo at the gym if you have to go that badly.
Self: I want to get home so I can clean my headlights.
Self: No you don't.
Self: I could...
Self: But you don't. You're being ridiculous. Take your lazy behind to the gym.

I'm happy to report that myself won...so...right.
I did just get back from AMK club which is quickly becoming my favorite club. It's actually just an excuse to have girls night once a month - we had a delicious pasta & salad & dessert...and my appetizer I made with questionable shrimp. I ate a few beforehand and didn't get sick..they just didn't smell so hot. I'm sure we'll all be fine :)

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Amy said...

you fed me questionable shrimp!