Scrub Me Down and Call Me Happy

I am 100%, totally, completely, head over heels, blissfully happy right now. Normally I feel this way after a really good date with Early...but the cause this time? I finally got to use my Groupon for a body scrub and OH MY GOD IT WAS AMAZING! Seriously...I was a little iffy because this place is in downtown North Charleston...which could go really good...or really badly. It was a cute little building with white Christmas lights tastefully decorating the outside of the door so I took that as a good sign. I learned from my first massage that you should always arrive early - so early I was and got to sit and relax in their waiting room wearing a soft, warm robe and with the most heavenly neck wrap thing around my neck. Seriously. I think God sent this to SoCa specifically for me. I did check out the tag, it's from Tara Spa and it's amazing. It smelled like warm cinnamon apple oatmeal, wrapped around my neck. Ahhh.
My scrubist, Jaffa, came to get me and was wearing this plastic, dominatrix looking apron and I began to wonder what I got myself into...but once she started? I was in love! She scrubbed my whole body with this scrubby stuff and made me feel super smooth - I know, it seems really weird that I would like this, with my being averse to human touch and all...but in this situation? Get me naked and rub me down! I especially liked when she rubbed my stomach.
The best part of it all? I know this is weird but you all should have come to expect oddity from me by now. The shower. I LOVE THAT SHOWER! I would live in that shower if I could. I would marry that shower. She started it up so it was nice and warm and steamy for me when I got in there and THERE WERE 3 SHOWER HEADS! Two from the corners of the shower and a giant rainfall one. I've heard of these before...but never used one. I thought she might have to come pry me from the shower. You couldn't go anywhere without being sprayed in all directions! The side ones were strategically placed about mid calf, mid thigh, stomach and chest. I loved them.
The scrub finished with a full body lotion application which made my skin feel so soft and luxurious and smooth. I just keep rubbing myself because I feel so good!
I'm a little disappointed because M told me when she got her scrub they wrapped her in foil and baked her like a potato. I was kinda looking forward to it. But I think she probably got a scrub and a wrap...which I'm looking into for next time :)

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