Well, Smack Me Upside the Head...

I feel like reality has done just that - smacked me in the face. I didn't want to come back to real life. I don't want to face everything that I just spent the past week avoiding or pretending it wasn't real. Fantasy life is so much better...
In other news, I'm getting bored with my life. It just feels so...stagnant. I am thinking of moving. I probably won't follow thru with it but just tossing ideas around. Here are my thoughts:
1) Stay in Charleston - find some new exciting thing to jump start my life. I've been here for 9 years, my life is here and I would really miss my cheerleaders if I left...plus I have friends and all here...though those seem to be disappearing slowly but surely.
2) Go back home - to Fayetteville home. It's familiar, it seems like an easy place to go back to. I worry I'd fall back into old routines though and that's not exactly what I want to do.
3) Move somewhere new and exciting - I'm leaning towards Chicago or Colorado. I don't know why, those places just seem like good places to go. I know, they get cold...but if you can acclimate to the hot, surely you can acclimate to the cold too!

I can't move anywhere until next June because of cheer but I'm going to be tossing ideas around and trying to firm something up. I figure if I can get my credit card paid off by January, that will give me 4 months to save up money and I can take a month to move and find a new job....that's a no fail plan, right?

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