Stuck At Home

Here it is, the weekend and I'm stuck at home. My car has a leaking radiator and so it's been in the shop. It's fixed but unfortunately I don't have a way to get to the car to pick it up. So here I am, sitting at home with lots to think about.
As my birthday approaches, I can't help but think of past birthdays. There are a couple that stand out in my mind - one where a boyfriend made eclairs that I swore I had eaten previously (but could have made up some of the details!). He did his best to make eclairs from scratch and they were incredibly delicious. Last year, when I had just graduated and seemed to have so much in front of me, so many possibilities. Plus a lot of my friends were there and there was an amazing dinner. This year...well...it's not looking so good. But, hey....I'm (almost) 28, shouldn't I be done getting excited about birthdays?

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Debbie said...

NO, you should NEVER stop being excited about your own birthdays! It's living proof that "someone" thought you worth having here another year! It means you still have a job to do in the cosmic realm of things! Do you need to come and get you and take you to your car? You can come hang out in pool with me if you want!