Going Off The Grid

I've been off Facebook for something like a month now. I thought it would be hard and I would miss it but overall I haven't. I realize how much time I spent just browsing and being nosy...I got nothing else done. Now, the getting nothing else done part hasn't changed - but at least I'm not sitting at a computer all evening. Now I'm in front of the tv! Or a puzzle...or book...but it's better than in front of Facebook!
My (and other people's) cell phone is my latest annoyance. I would love to just get rid of it and have a landline only. If you want to reach me, you can do it the old fashioned way! Call my house or send me an email! Logistically I know it won't work but it'd be nice. I realize how rude it is to be on your phone non stop when other people are around - it totally sends the message "I would rather have ____ around than you. Since they aren't here, I'll just talk to them instead of you. Thanks for hanging out while I ignore you!" ok....maybe it doesn't say quite all that but close enough! And yes, I know - I have been horrible about texting all the time. It's really only one person that the above statement applies and I'd rather have them around...but that's a whole other story.

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