The world is doomed...

So, here I am, walking confidently up to the Starbucks counter inside B & N and say "I'd like a venti raspberry italian soda with whipped cream"...I wait for the attendant to scurry away and start on my order but instead he stares blankly at me and says "We don't have those anymore" WHHHHHAAAAATTT?!?!?! What has this world come to?
Everyone is so concerned with change this election season that they have done away with my favorite drink. I am sad :(
Oh, and Mr. Starbucks man? You could have been a little more tender in your delivery. No need to be condescending to the non-coffee drinkers.


Heto said...

Bummer! Starbucks foul! Was that a kind of raspberry slush type of thing?

And have you ever noticed that Starbucks whipped cream has a really weird aftertaste? It's almost like it leaves a crazy film in your mouth... blech!

Kristin said...

It was like a raspberry soda but since it was made fresh (raspberry syrup + soda water and cream) it made me feel like it was better for me. And yes I have noticed that film but I never say no to whipped cream. It's one of my mottos in life...whipped cream, it fixes everything.