Doesn't anybody care about black people???? Oh wait! Diddy does!

Seriously Diddy (I won't call you by your slave name, Sean Combs)? What does it matter if black people or crackheads live in Alaska? And really...Michelle Obama should be McCain's running mate? Now that seems like a conflict of interest to me! And why are you filming this video on a merry-go-round. And she's the governer of Alaska...not sure if you know this P(I feel like we're on a first name basis now)...but there are Eskimos out there and I'm pretty sure some black people. That's some diversity for ya. And quit saying there's no black people or crackheads in Alaska...and sending people out with millions of dollars to the polls...that's illegal!!!! (I think...sure isn't very ethical if nothing else). So P...in conclusion I don't think black people and crackheads (I sure hope not the crackheads!) are the future of America. I think that today's children (...didn't Diddy ever learn that song...red or yellow, black or white...you know, that one) are the future of America! So P...go hang out with Kanye and come up with someone else who doesn't care about black people, because this one is really lame!


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